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What we do


We are experts in creating beautiful  ecommerce desktop and mobile websites with an intuitive user experience that improves engagement, brand recall and most importantly conversion.



Our Merchant Services team has deep experience in creating product data, images and categorisation, properly structured and optimised for Google, eBay, Amazon, Catch and beyond.



We have loads of experience integrating ecommerce systems with eBay, Amazon and Catch marketplaces, shipping providers and more.  Save time, improve efficiency and lower costs with a unified solution.


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Winning in ecommerce

eCommerce may look easy at first glance, but there is a lot more to it than most imagine.  We believe the two biggest challenges lie in user experience and data.  Getting these right makes all the difference to your success in the long run.

Nobody gives money to somebody they don't trust.  Online retail cannot exist without trust.  Trust is created and maintained through an engaging and intuitive user experience through all channels your business operates. Resonating and connecting with customers through an impersonal screen doesn't happen by chance.  First impressions are made within seconds, so your website design and functionality needs to be first class.  Branding, merchandising and communications are all critical elements of managing customer expectations, and all contribute to trust.

A good user experience is built on both good design and good data.  Attracting customers to your website or being found in marketplace searches is challenging enough, but without well structured and optimised data, no search engine will ever do your businss any favours.  The accuracy and consistency of your product data is what drives your site navigation.  Data can hold back your growth and make it harder for customers to find you in the first place, let alone ever think of returning.  Don't leave your business to chance.  Healthy data is critical to your success online.

ZELLIS is a Certified Premium Neto Partner in Melbourne, servicing online retailers and merchants across Australia, New Zealand and USA.

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