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What's the deal with Amazon?

Amazon is the largest online marketplace in the world right now, and there’s a good reason for that.  According to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, their relentless pursuit of the best customer experience is Amazon’s point of difference.  There is no denying that shopping on Amazon is incredible easy.  If you’ve not bought anything off Amazon yet, it’s time to wake up and find out what the fuss is all about.


But what are the secrets behind Amazon’s slick customer experience?  If you’re a retailer, you’ve probably heard stories of how Amazon is slowly conquering the world, swallowing one retailer at a time.  One thing is for sure – in the highly competitive world of retail, small things can make a big difference.  For every hundred vendors balancing razor thin margins to produce sustainable profitability, there’s always someone who will undercut everybody else.  Any seasoned retailer knows the only winner in a price war is the customer. 


The fact is that selling online requires a completely different mindset and skillset to bricks and mortar retailing.  Achieving success in a marketplace like Amazon requires careful planning and execution.  It’s critical to lay good foundations with effective strategies right from the start.



How does Amazon work?

Amazon is first and foremost a clever search engine designed to make shopping as frictionless as possible for buyers.  The online retail cycle starts with attraction, then engagement, conversion, satisfaction, and finally reactivation.


For most online merchants, being found is their first priority.  But all the traffic in the world will count for nothing if you can’t engage quickly, instil confidence in prospective buyers, and offer compelling reasons to buy.  In our view, conversion is the most important facet of selling online.


But this brings us to one of the greatest challenges of trading on Amazon.  Apart from price, there really is no way to differentiate your listings from the listings of other merchants selling the same products.  Amazon maintains its own catalogue of products, and everybody listing one of those products uses the same title, description and images.


Therefore being able to list products that nobody else can sell is highly desirable, since this is the only way you will control what is said about your products, how well they surface in Amazon search results and how they look to prospective buyers.  This is precisely why private label strategies are so popular amongst Amazon sellers.

Run your Amazon business with Neto

ZELLIS has been working closely with Amazon's Australian team in Sydney since they launched the Australian marketplace in late 2017.  ZELLIS is also the #1 Neto Amazon Integration Partner.

ZELLIS does Amazon differently

At ZELLIS, we believe knowledge and thorough preparation must precede any marketplace launch.  That’s why we do things a little differently.  Before we push any of your products to Amazon, we do a thorough check of your existing product data, and work with you to help minimise rejections.  Where your products don’t yet exist in Amazon’s catalogue, we work with you to prepare and optimise them for success.


The process of launching on Amazon is rarely smooth or easy.  That’s because Amazon is very particular about how products are presented on its platform.  Be prepared to put in effort to attend to issues that arise during the process.   The steps are:

  1. Open your Amazon Seller account

  2. Obtain category approval from Amazon

  3. Register your products with Amazon if they're not already regsitered

  4. Prepare and upload your quantity and price data to Amazon

  5. Set shipping rules in Seller Central

  6. Complete Neto integration and test a live listing

  7. Push all remaining listings live


When should you start on Amazon?

That depends heavily on the state of your product data and your commercial strategy.  Launching into a new sales channel is not a light move, and due consideration needs to be given to the requirements and policies that might affect how you do business and interact with Amazon customers.  ZELLIS can help you prepare to trade on Amazon, both strategically and technically.


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