What we do
What we do

Protect your Intellectual Property on eBay

VeRO is eBay's in-house program to protect the intellectual property of Verified Rights Owners.  In compliance with the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (USA) and international Intellectual Property and Copyright Law, eBay will remove listings that infringe your intellectual property upon acceptance of a formal report. 


ZELLIS can do this for you, monitoring the marketplace and identifying infringements of your intellectual property, and reporting them to eBay's VeRO team for review and removal.  We have worked with several prominent brands to successfully clean-up the eBay Marketplace and have unauthorised intellectual property usage removed.

Protect your brand and reputation in Australia's largest online marketplace, where 11 million people shop each month.  Give yourself and your authorised resellers an edge over grey importers and opportunists trying to cash in on your hard work and investment.

Our VeRO Monitoring service starts at just $500 per month.

Contact us to find out more now.

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