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eCommerce is no longer a threat to physical retail.  But retailers who have not yet embraced online shopping are falling behind.  A good eCommerce website goes far beyond a pretty design.  The customer journey through your website to checkout and beyond has a direct yet unspoken impact on how much they will spend, whether they will return, and if they will tell others about the experience.  Design for online retailing must be intuitive, natural, effortless and engaging.  Customer decisons are made in seconds, and often semi-consciously.  Guiding customers to the things they want and will be delighted by is an art which relies on the interplay of good design and sound data structuring behind the scenes.

ZELLIS has been designing and building highly effective eCommerce websites for years, but you probably never knew.  Just as a shopfitter doesn't leave a sign in the shop window of any stores they design and fitout, we don't put our logo or links all over the websites we build for our clients.  That's because we believe your website is completely yours.   Further down this page, you can view a handful of the websites we've designed and launched.  Furthermore, we support our online retail clients once their website is live, providing guidance and assistance to achieve growth and success long-term.

We specialise in eCommerce web design for multichannel or onmichannel retailers who beyond their main website might also be trading on marketplaces or multiple websites with different branding.  Our deep experience with multichannel and multi-website solutions for truly unified commerce plays an important role in the way we design.  

We also are experienced in replatforming, migration and solution integration to help you operate your business more efficiently and effectively across the channels you want to engage with prospective customers.

Talk to us today about your existing or new website ideas and we'll help you figure our the best solution for you.

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