Our world is facing unprecedented challenges with the spread of COVID19.  It's amazing to reflect on just how connected we are as humans, and how many things we take for granted.  With gatherings and travel now banned or restricted in most countries, it's brought many industries to a complete standstill, including airlines, travel and touring, live music and sports, and is also having a pronounced impact on retail shops and shopping centres.

Times like this require extraordinary effort from each of us to remain connected, whilst at the same time taking every measure possible to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe and healthy, and minimising the risk of contagion.

The ZELLIS team are real people too.  We're now all working from home on our laptops, and are as zealous as ever about supporting your business through the next few months as best we can.   Over the coming days, we'll share some snaps of our team doing things they love doing at home  (aside from working to help your business).

How can we help?

Get online now

If you're not selling online already, it's the most logical thing to do right now.  We have loads of experience in online retailing and can help in the following ways:


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If you're needing to cut costs to ride out this time of crisis, our Merchant Services team is ready and waiting to work for you.  Experienced in data creation and optimisation, our Merchant Services team are working from home with full support, ongoing training and supervision to ensure that any task you need done is done well.  No long term lock-in contracts.  Access the full expertise of the entire ZELLIS team with a Merchant Services specialist working directly for your business a month at a time

Real people helping real people

Here's what we like to do at home (after work)

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