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Are you ready to surf this wave?

...or do you need swimming lessons?

The disruption COVID19 has introduced to our lives is the stuff movies are made of. 


Yes, we've experienced global pandemics before, and there are definitely some key learnings that we can apply to the current crisis.  But there are some significant differences with COVID19 that set it apart:

  • Social media penetration is at it's highest ever

  • Internet technology is faster than ever

  • Everybody carries a mobile phone with internet access

  • Many physical shops are deserted, but we still need to shop

Considering ecommerce only accounts for around 9.3% of all retail, when bricks'n'mortar retail is powered down as it is now, that's a huge amount of shopping that gets shifted to online.  Even if only 10% of offline retail shifts to online, that would double ecommerce volume in Australia.  

If just 10% of offline retail moves online,

eCommerce in Australia will double.

Can you see why we're calling it a wave?

Google search data is already indicating unprecedented interest in specific products and services, and past experience shows that these spikes in interest are followed by similar spikes in demand.  

Are you ready for unprecedented online demand for your products?

Several of our clients are already struggling to keep up with online order volumes that have increased dramatically by anything between 2 to 15 times the usual.

Are you prepared for double your usual sales?

If not, do you know exactly what needs to be be done?

Do you have the knowledge, skills and resources to make those changes quickly?

ZELLIS has been helping retailers launch online for a while.  So we know exactly what you need to do, and would like to share that with you so you can surf the wave, instead of being dunked by it.

How can we help?

I'm not online yet

It's time to get online right now.  It will liklely be a steep learning curve for you, and you'll have some catching up to do. We have loads of experience in online retailing can help fast:

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I'm already online

Awesome!  Are your products available across all channels for customers to find you easily?  Webstore?  Marketplaces?  Google Shopping? Facebook Shopping? Multichannel counts.  We'll explain why:

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We believe those who have something others don't, should be sharing in circumstances as this.  It's the right thing to do.  We have deep knowledge in online retail strategy, data and image requirements for ecommerce, multichannel integrations, marketplace strategy, and online customer experience.  Beyond this we work with partners who themselves are experts in driving traffic and boosting conversion over time.

We are offering a free phone or webconference session to take an outsider's look at your business, help you identify your biggest opportunities, and explain exactly how to achieve them.  We can also provide budget guidance so you can better prioritise what will get you the best results, both now and further down the track.

This session is normally $300, but if you book a session by 30 April for you it's completely free.  There is absolutely no obligation to sign up to or purchase anything.  It's not a selling pitch - it's real information that can make a difference to how you prepare for the coming online shopping wave.

Need an extra pair of hands?

Our Merchant Services team is ready and waiting to work for you.  Experienced in data creation and optimisation, image editing, troubleshooting and other ecommerce support tasks for Neto or marketplaces, our Merchant Services team are working from home with full support, ongoing training and supervision to ensure that any task you need done is done well.  No long term lock-in contracts.  Access the full expertise of the entire ZELLIS team with a Merchant Services specialist working directly for your business a month at a time

ZELLIS is a Neto Gold Certified Partner with extensive in-house experience across all facets of the Neto platform and integration with marketplaces and third-party solutions.   We have over 10 years of online retail industry and ecommerce experience.  See more about our experience here.

Please note - we do not offer free support for Neto.

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