What we do
What we do



Unlock the real potential of your eBay business with Neto, the only 360-degree commerce solution: 

  • Create new listings faster

  • Modify existing listings in bulk

  • Manage shipping, returns and payment rules easier

  • Control inventory centrally

  • Apply engaging design

  • Process orders more efficiently

  • Generate consignment labels 

  • Expand your business to other channels

80% of our clients prefer Neto to run their eBay business.

Unlike most website platforms, Neto has its own native integration with marketplaces including eBay, Amazon and Catch:

ZELLIS Neto-eBay Integration, setup and training includes:

  • Configure eBay integration settings in Neto

  • Import all product data from eBay or load up to 1000 new SKUs

  • Replicate eBay store category structure in Neto or create up to 30 new categories

  • Map up to 30 product categories to eBay

  • Create up to 10 eBay Listing Rules Templates or implement eBay Business Policies

  • Review and customise order tracking email

  • Customise customer tax invoice

  • Up to 2 hours of training

  • BONUS 30 minute eBay Strategy Session with Mr eBay Tim Davies


Please contact us for more information about our Neto integration packages.

For more information about Neto, please visit their website at www.neto.com.au

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