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ZELLIS is an independent eCommerce consultancy and service provider.  We support and work with systems and solutions that enable businesses to sell online effectively and efficiently.   Which system or solution is the right fit for your needs will depend on many factors.  Each has their own advantages and drawbacks.

As one of the world's most popular shopping cart systems, Shopify is simple and easy to use, but still packs a punch when it comes to delivering a smooth buyer experience.  As with any website, success fundamentally lies in the design and data (plus a well planned promotional campaign).

Leverage our experience across multiple platforms, marketplaces and multi-channel retailing to make your business a success with Shopify.

ZELLIS delivers the following Shopify services:

  • Shopify website design and implementation

  • Shopify setup and configuration

  • Shopify integration with eBay and Amazon via Codisto

  • Data migration, import & export

  • Category setup

  • Shipping setup

  • Product data and content optimisation

  • Shopify user training

ZELLIS Shopify Design & integration Packages:​

Please contact us for scope and pricing of our Shopify services.

For more information about Shopify, please visit their website at www.shopify.com.au


ZELLIS also delivers tremendous value through the following support and technical services:

  • Specialist data optimisation for websites and marketplaces

  • Product categorisation strategy and implementation

  • Logo design

  • Image editing

  • Banner design & creation

  • eBay design

  • eCommerce website design & implementation for:

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