We are living in different time.  With a cloud of uncertainty hanging over a wide range of businesses, it is hard to make decisions and identify where to focus your marketing energy. In 2020 with COVID19 forcing people to stay home, it is more important now than ever that you have a well designed website online and that your users are able to access your most important digital asset, your website. Here are some reasons why your web development is so important during the current crisis:

Conversion time

Depending on what industry your business is in at the moment, you might be seeing a massive drop in traffic, or your traffic may have improved. Either way, in uncertain times, the most important thing for you and your business is to convert leads and sales. It is not a bad idea at the moment to utilise your time ensuring that your website converts as best it possibly can, and the way you do that is through web development. When you redesign and update your website, you are seeking to improve your user experience for the visitors to your website.  Users who have a positive experience on you r website are more likely to convert. Converting on a lead generation website would be someone leaving an enquiry or subscribing to your email list or anything that requires an action by them.  On an ecommerce website, most conversions are purchases made on the website.  During these tough times, any conversion increase on your website is extremely useful.

More spare time

Website development projects are often time consuming and this is why they are sometimes prioritised lower behind the day to day operations of a business.  Right now though everyone is at home and seems to have more time to focus their energy towards different parts of their business. This weird period of time actually turns out to be one of the best opportunities for your business to invest in web development work. Whether you have an in-house team, use a digital marketing agency or web development agency, now is the perfect time to update content on your website and improve the user experience to fill some of the time you now have available.  But more importantly so you can come out on the other side of this with a stronger and better performing website across the board. Some of the things you might want to consider are:

  • Improving website load speed

  • Making sure you are highlighting your unique sales propositions

  • Updating your main calls to action and having sufficient call to action buttons across primary pages

  • Optimising images

  • Updating your sitemap

  • Simplifying the pathways to purchase


Web developers are ready and waiting

Due to the current impact of coronavirus on the digital industry, there are more people than usual looking for work at the moment. This could lead to a great deal on some web development work. Depending on what platform your website is built on, web development can be an expensive venture.  Right now though there are deals and discounts aplenty with people looking to do project work over this quiet period. If you are looking to upgrade or switch to a new CMS, this could also be a fantastic opportunity as it is likely that traffic is already down on your website, so having some downtime to update could have less of an impact than usual. Making the most out of a bad situation here could be extremely beneficial to businesses looking to step up their game for the remainder of 2020 and pushing strong into 2021.


Web development is always an important part of your digital strategy.  If you haven’t considered optimising your website during the current COVID19 pandemic, maybe it is time to do so. Turn this widely considered negative situation into a positive for your business and start planning some important website updates today!

The Importance of Web Development during COVID-19

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